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The founder and the studio

Chequered cream cushion in bed with green bedspread

Silvia Venialgo is an Argentine designer based in London. She spent her childhood in the small city of Eldorado, situated just an hour away from the breathtaking Iguazu Falls, one of the world's seven natural wonders. 

Silvia holds a degree in architecture and honed her architectural skills in Argentina. Upon relocating to London in 2020, she established her own studio space, with a mission to celebrate her Latin heritage and leverage her architectural expertise to craft handmade products in limited quantities, all while prioritising sustainability. The essence of each design lies in crafting unique pieces with a timeless allure, inspiring individuals to appreciate the beauty of perfectly imperfect handmade and naturally dyed items, as well as the delight of crafting custom pieces in collaboration with clients and designers.

The products are meticulously crafted using traditional techniques, including natural and hand-dyeing, patchwork, and quilting. Unlike mass production, ELDORADO THE STUDIO is committed to preserving these traditional methods, minimising over-production, and avoiding excess stock. The materials used are exclusively natural fabrics, and a combination of natural and non-toxic certified organic dyes is employed, making it a zero-waste initiative. Each fabric piece is cut before dyeing to prevent the accumulation of unused scraps, and dye pots are reused multiple times to reduce water consumption before eventual disposal.

More about our studio in this short video by Glassette.

Woman seated surrounded by colourful cushions
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